The following guide details how you can roster your staff as well as how to deploy your standard roster templates across your periods.

To open the roster screen, select the Payroll menu, then click the Roster option.

If you are not able to see the option for the rostering on your system, it is likely that it has yet to be enabled on your account. To do this please see our Subscription Manager guide for how you can add additional functionality to your system. 

This article contains the following items;

  1. Roster Layout
  2. Rostered shifts
  3. Templates
  4. Roster Publishing

Roster Layout

The roster screen provides you will the ability to manage your staff timesheets with a view of seeing multiple employees on a per-day basis. This allows you to easily see your staff allocation for the period of days.

This screen is designed to view the shifts before the employee's clocking time their times, to view the actual/clocked times you can view them through the Timesheets screen 


Within this section, we have display options for the following;

  1. Unavailable Shifts
  2. Location / Departments

The "Unavailable Shifts" filter allows you to show/hide instances where the employees have a preset timeframe of unavailability set on their employee profile. For information on how to add unavailability into the system, please refer to our Employee Unavailability article.

The location and department filter allows you to limit the listing of employees/roles to the employees that are set to be allowed to work within the selected departments.

Period dates

Next, we have the period dates. This represents the date range for this roster as well as allows you to control the number of weeks to use within the period.


On opening the roster screen the system will use the current date in conjunction with the Rostered Start Day setting to determine the period range to load.

From there you can use the arrow buttons to move between periods and the period selector if you want to extend the range.

Please note that the system will not remember the period setting once the roster has been closed, and this will revert back to "1 Week" on each page load.


This dropdown provides the additional functionality for the following

  1. Imports - Using our Timesheet Import Specification
  2. Templates

Employee View

This allows you to toggle between an Employee and Role view for the roster screen.

Roles can be used to allow for the segmentation of your employees based on the primary tasks they preform within the business. For more information on this setup please see the Roles & Qualifications article. 


The publish option allows employees who have access to the system via an employee self-service feature such as ClockOn GO to be able to see the rosters.  

For more details on this feature, see the Roster Publishing section of this guide.

IMPORTANT: Shifts built before this is pressed will not be available to the employees.


The Costs button allows you to get an overall costing of the roster based on the selected period range and visible locations/departments.

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Rostered shifts

This section details the creation and management of shifts on the roster screen.  

Adding timesheets

To add a timesheet to the roster screen, simply click the + for the employee and day.

Per the above, a shift will be added to the employee for the day.  

ClockOn will use the employee's working week to determine the default shift times to use when creating rostered shifts, if these are not available it will instead use the Working Weeks as defined on their profile. If these do not exist then the system will instead use the Location Hours as defined in the Location Manager.

Timesheet details 

To edit the timesheet details, either double-click on the shift or right-click and select the Edit option, this will bring up the timesheet detail screen. 

From this screen, you can modify the following

  1. The date of the shift
  2. The department that it is assigned to
  3. The employee that the shift is linked to
  4. The assigned shift - This is based on the history of shifts previously created in the system
  5. Directly edit the rostered times for the shift
  6. Change the shift type (default Timesheet, see the below leave timesheets section for more details)
  7. As well as whether the shift should be included in the payroll.

Using the Breaks tab you can set/see the rostered break times currently set against the shift.

The Notes tab allows you to enter General notes (visible on ClockOn GO) as well as incident notes. 

Leave timesheets

To adjust a timesheet to a leave entry simply edit the shift as above and set the connection Type to Leave and Category to the type of leave that the employee is taking. 

Once adjusted the colour of the shift will change on the rosters from Blue to Purple, and the type of leave will be displayed in the upper right of the shift.

Removing timesheets

You can remove a shift from the roster either by using the Right-Click Delete option

Or by editing the shift and using the Menu > Delete option

Selecting Multiple Shifts

To select multiple shifts on a roster you will need to hold the CTRL and click on each of the shifts. From there, you are able to use the Copy, Paste, and Delete features over all of the selected items.

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Templates provide a quick and easy way for users to bulk add a preset series of shifts to a period rather than having to manually add them individually.


To open the template screen, click the Options button and select Templates

Adding templates

The first step is to add a template to the list. To start this proces, Click the Add button.

Once clicked you will see a screen in which you can set the following

  1. The Name of the template
  2. The template's length (1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks)
  3. The ClockOn location that this template is linked to

Once entered click the Save button to proceed


Once saved you will see the template added to the listing on the left side of the screen, you can then select it to see its details.

Editing templates

With the template added to the system, you can now add shifts to it. To do this ensure that it is selected in the templates list and then click the Edit button.

This will take you to the roster screen in template mode

From here you can add the template shifts 

Shift changes within the templates screen will be saved as soon as the change is applied.

Once you have finished adding or making adjustments to the template shifts, click the return to roster link 

Duplicating templates

This feature allows you to make a direct copy of an existing template.

This will prompt with a screen to give the new template a name and once created you can make the relevant changes using the Edit button.

Applying templates

Once you have the template built and ready to go, you can apply it to your period.

To do this follow the steps below

  1. Open the Roster Templates screen 
  2. Select the Template from the left listing
  3. Click the Apply button
  4. Set the start date for the template

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Roster Publishing

ClockOn provides functionality for rosters to be built prior to being available to the employees, this grants the ability to plan the roster in a draft mode for future periods.

If a timesheet is not yet published, it will be visible only on the roster screen and hidden from the timesheets, payroll, and reporting components.

By default, this feature is off, and all created rosters are available to the rest of the system, however, this can be easily enabled from the System Setup screen.

Once this has been configured, you will see a new option within the Roster screen for Publish.

Shifts that have not been published yet will display in a lighter colour than the published ones.

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