This article details the steps involved and options available for adding and editing employees within the ClockOn system. This article contains the following items;

  1. Accessing Employees
  2. Adding Employees
  3. Updating Employee Information

Accessing Employees

To access the employee details screens simply open the Employees screen by either clicking on the Employees main screen box or by selecting the Setup menu item and selecting Employee Details.

Adding New Employees

To initiate the process click the + Add Employee button.

Then fill in the initial information form as per the employee's information.

Please note that the majority of the information on this screen is required for STP submissions to work correctly, if you attempt to save the detail while it is incomplete notice will appear on the field to indicate that it is necessary. The employee's information will not save until all required fields are entered or selected.

Once this initial information has been saved, the system will take you to an extended detail section of which you are able to make further adjustments to their setup in the system.

Key items for your consideration include;

  1. The Personal Tab:
    Allows you to check and update if needed the employee's primary details.

  2. The Pay Tab:
    You can specify items such as the Hourly Rate or Salary, the ruleset (pay rules) that will apply to the employee, the Tax category the method of payment to the employee ie Cash, Cheque, or EFT, and superfund details.
    You can also select to indicate an Allowance Set if you wish to be able to place custom payments against the employee

  3. The Special Options Tab:
    Allows for options such as the auto-creation of timesheets to be created if they are not already set for the day when the payroll is run. This feature bases its times on the Working Weeks tab.

  4. The Leave Tab:
    If you are bringing the employee over from another system they may already have a leave accrual in place, this tab allows you to enter it in against the employee, if this is your first time, use the Opening Balance columns.

  5. The Working Weeks Tab
    This details the average working week that the employee would be contracted to work.

TIP: There is an option for User Type setting on the Personal Tab, and this is to be used for up and coming functionality. To ensure that the employee is visible in the system please ensure that this setting is set to Employee.

Once you have looked through these options and are happy with them click the Save button to confirm them into the system.

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Updating Employee Information

To edit an employee instance, simply open the Employees screen and either click to select the employee's name or use the Options dropdown and select the Edit button. 

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