ClockOn has the functionality to assist you with ensuring that your staff are being paid as per your awards/ employee agreements when they pass their employment milestones. 

This article contains the following items;

  1. Opening Rate Sets
  2. Creating Rate Sets
  3. Assigning Rate Sets to Employees
  4. Rate Sets at Payroll

Opening Rate Sets

You can open the Rate Sets screen by clicking the Setup menu item, then the Award Manager option.


Then select the Options button for the relevant Award item and select Rate Sets

This will show you a screen that contains the current listing of available Rate Sets 

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Creating Rate Sets

To a new Rate Set click the Add Rates button, this will open the settings screen for the Rate Set.

Use the Rate Type dropdown to indicate the interval type that you would like to increment the rate brackets at.

There are 3 options in this list

  1. Age Based
  2. Industry Hours
  3. Years Worked

Age Based

This feature allows you to indicate the minimum pay rate that the employee should receive based on their current age as detailed on their employee profile. 

Click the Add button to create each of the breakdowns. 

You can then specify the hourly rate the employee should receive as a minimum within the payroll.


Industry Hours

This allows you to automate the increases of wages, based on the number of working hours that they have in the industry.

The number of accrued industry hours is displayed on the employee details screen under the Groups tab.

The industry hours field will accumulate based on the worked time sheets in each payroll.

These brackets are added in the same way as the Aged Based rates

Years Worked

Years worked operates in a similar manner as the Aged Based option, however, instead of using the employee's date of birth, the system uses the employee's start date with the business to determine the minimum rate.

The employee's start date is automatically added on the creation of the employee but can be adjusted on the Employee Details Dates tab.

From this use the Add button to create the brackets and enter the years required and the minimum rates required.

You can come back and edit this when needed, by using the Options > Edit button. 

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Assigning Rate Sets to Employees

For the minimum rates to apply for the employee, the employee will need to be linked to the Rate Set. To do this open the Employee Details screen and then navigate to the Pay tab.

From here use the Select button under the Award Configuration section, then select it from the Rate Set list.

Please Note: ClockOn recommends that rate sets only be used for employee's that are paid on an hourly basis.

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Rate Sets at Payroll

Once payroll has been generated and there are rates to be applied for the employees, the Rates button will be enabled.

To update the employee's pay rate, click this button and the following screen will appear with a listing of all the employees that are due for an increase, their current rate, and based on the rate set, what their rate should be.

If you would like to update the rate, then indicate which employees using the checkbox (or use the "Select All" to save time) and then use the Update button

Once this is done, the payroll figures will be re-calculated for the employee with the new rate of pay. If desired you can check the payslip screen to confirm that this has applied as expected.

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