The allowance templates function provides the ability to build a list of allowances that can be applied to custom ranges of employees. Changes to these allowances will automatically reflect across all linked employees. 

This article contains the following items;

  1. Allowance & Deduction Templates
  2. Assigning Allowance Templates To Employees

Allowance & Deduction Templates

As mentioned above the Allowance Set templates allow for the ability to preset allowances against a grouping of employees.

This is done using the Setup > Award Manager menu item and following the demo guide below.

For information on the settings and usage for allowances, please refer to our Payroll Adjustments (Allowances & Deductions) article.

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Assigning Allowance Templates To Employees

Once you have created your allowances sets, the next step is to assign them to your employee base, for use in payroll.

TIP: Below is the method for manually assigning the allowance sets on a per employee basis.This can be done on-mass using the Apply To Employees feature as detailed in the Award Manager article.

To do this open the Employee Details screen, select the Pay tab and then set the Allowance Set dropdown.

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