For rule sets, rate sets, and allowance sets that were created prior to the release of this feature (May 2024) these will be bundled into a Default Award record. All existing employees will retain there current settings.

The ClockOn Award Manager allows a section in the system where you can set up and group the rules, rates, and allowances that relate to employee agreements and awards.


This article contains information on the following items;

  1. Using The Award Manager
  2. Assigning Awards To Employees

Using The Award Manager

As stated above the award manager allows the users to group and separate pay conditions into separate categories. An example of where this could be useful may be in the medical sector, where there may be some employees under the Nurses Award and others, that fall under the pharmacy or individual agreements. 

Each award allows for the capability to contain several different rule sets, rate sets and allowance sets. 

Rule Sets

Typically, there are several variations to each award, that can be specified with separate rule sets. Some examples include employees that fall within the casual, part-time, and full-time categories and variations for shift worker employees. 

For more information please see our Rule Sets Overview article.

Rate Sets

Rate sets provide options to ensure employees are paid equal to or greater than an award minimum rate. these can be set up based on an Age-Based, Industry Hours, or Years Worked basis.

For more information please see our Rate Sets article.

Allowance Sets

Allowance sets allow users to create a standard template of allowances that they want to quickly apply to a range of employees, some examples of this include laundry and meal allowances. 

For more information please see our Payroll Adjustments (Allowances & Deductions) article.

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Assigning Awards To Employees

There are two methods for assigning the award detail to the employees, the easiest way is to use the Award Manager - Apply To Employees feature

For a quick guide on how this can be used, please see the interactive demo below.

The alternate method is to apply the Award details to each employee individually. This is done through the Employee details screen under the Pay tab Award Configuration section.

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