This article details the employee import functionality for onboarding employees by using a CSV file.

This article contains the following items;

  1. Import Process
  2. Template File Information

Import Process

The following guide details the process for how you can import employee information into ClockOn Online.

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Template File Information

The import file needs to be in the Windows CR-LF format, and consist of the following columns; 

  1. Title
  2. FirstName
  3. Middle Name
  4. Surname
  5. DOB
  6. Start Date
  7. Gender
  8. Phone
  9. Mobile
  10. Email
  11. Street
  12. Street2
  13. Suburb
  14. State
  15. Postcode
  16. Tax File Number
  17. Rate
  18. Salary
  19. Account Number
  20. Account Name
  21. BSB
  22. Super Member Number
  23. Tax Category

If you do not have all the information on the spreadsheet, you can still proceed with the import, however, all the relevent information will be needed before the import process can be completed.

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