Roles and qualifications allow you to enhance your use of the rostering within the ClockOn system. They allow you to see if you have an adequate staff complement in a particular business function, as well as see potential mistakes where staff are assigned to a task that they do not have the necessary requirements for.

In this article we will be covering the following items;

  1. Creating Qualifications
  2. Creating Roles
  3. Assigning Roles and Qualifications To Employees
  4. Rostering With Roles & Qualifications

Creating Qualifications

Qualifications are used to specify the requirements that an employee must hold in order to complete a role in the business an example may be that a manager must be a key holder, or a professional must hold a relevant qualification.

To add a qualification to the system use the Setup menu item and select Additional Settings

Then select Qualifications

To add a new qualification, use the + Add Qualifications button.

At this point the only information needed is the name of the qualification, all other details are set directly on the employee when linking them to it.

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Creating Roles

Roles allow you to specify the functions within the business and are designed to assist with ensuring that the right number of shifts are rostered within a period.

Some examples of roles include; Store Manager, Store Manager 2IC, Dispensary Staff, Stock Manager, Stock Team Member.

Viewing Existing Roles

Roles are linked to the set-up of locations in the system, to view the current list of roles for a location follow the steps below

  1. Use the Setup menu item and select the Locations option.
  2. For the location that you would like to view the Roles for, use the Options button, then select Roles.
  3. You will then see the listing of roles that are currently available for use.

Adding a Role

To add a role to the system use the + Add Roles button.

This will present a screen where you can enter the 

  • It's Name
  • The associated Department - for costing purposes each role will need to also be linked to a department
  • A Short Code - Allows you to set an abbreviation for use on the roster screen
  • Set a Colour - This allows you to set a colour to distinguish the role when used on the roster screen 
  • Qualifications - You can also choose to link any required qualifications that may be needed for this role, for example, a store manager may need to also be a key holder. 

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Assigning Roles and Qualifications To Employees

To effectively use the roles and qualifications they will need to be linked to employees within their employee profile.

Assigning Roles

To link a role to an employee use the Roles option on the Groups tab

The dropdown allows for a quick assignment of the role for this employee, if the employee can preform multiple roles then the Customise option will allow for a multiple selection.

Assigning Qualifications

The next step is to assign the qualifications to the employee, this is done using the Menu button and selecting Qualifications.

You can then link a qualification by using the + Add Qualifications button.

Here you can select the required qualification from the list, set a commencement date, and also set whether the qualification has an expiry date.

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Rostering With Roles & Qualifications

With the roles and qualifications added into the system, they can now be used on the roster screen.

The below walkthrough details the use of the Roster > Role mode and the adding of two shifts, where the employees are linked to the role, one in which the employee holds the required qualifications and another where they do not.

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