Employee Unavailability within the ClockOn system allows you to indicate times for which the employees should not be rostered. These instances can be considered as once-off, or set to recur periodically for a preset timeframe.

This article contains the following items;

  1. Adding Unavailability
  2. Recur Options
  3. Unavailability on Rosters

Adding Unavailability

Unavailability is added on a per-employee level, and as such is done by viewing the Employee Details screen. 

To locate these options open the employee's screen, select the employee that you would like to update, and then select the Unavailability option from the Menu dropdown.

Once opened you will see a listing of the current items that have been set against the employee.

The date ranges will default to a current month selection. these dates can be adjusted and they will apply once the Filter button is used. 

To add a record select the + Add button, from there you will see the following screen where you can select the date and times that the employee will not be available, indicate some details aka the reason for the entry, and set the recur options if the entry needs to persist for an extended period.

Once saved the new instance will be added against the employee.

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Recur Options

As indicated above, you can recur the unavailability instance depending on the frequency required by the employee. The options available for this include;

  1. Only Once - no recurring unavailability
  2. Daily
  3. Weekly
  4. Monthly


The settings for daily allow you to indicate whether this is for every day of the week, or split ie every second day, as well as the days duration that this will last for


The weekly option allows you to specify the weekly frequency, the days of the week and how many weeks that this will last for. The following example will give the employee every second Monday as unavailiability for a duration of 6 weeks.


The monthly option allows you to indicate a specific date of a month to specify the record for and repeat this over a set period. The following example will set the unavailability of the employee for the 1st of the month for a duration of 12 months.

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Unavailability on Rosters

Once the unavailability has been added against the employee, it can be viewed as a red-striped tile on the rosters to provide you with a visual notice that the employee should not be rostered between the indicated times.

This tile does not prevent the employee from having an a shift set against the day, it is for the roster officer to check to ensure that there is no overlapping rostered times against the set unavailability times.

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