Once you have set up your MYOB connection you can then proceed to export your payroll journal data to MYOB.

This feature allows you to pass the totals to your accounts system, such as; payroll gross wage, allowances, tax and super from the ClockOn system to the MYOB as credit and debit journal balances. 

This article contains the following items

  1. Linking Account Codes
  2. Submitting Payroll Journals

Linking Account Codes

Before you can pass your Journal information through to MYOB, you will need to link your Journal account codes from MYOB to ClockOn.

To open the Integrations screen, select Setup > Additional Settings and then click Manual Journals

This will open a screen in which you can select the provider for your journal export, in this case, it will be MYOB. When you are ready click the Configure button.

This will then open a screen where you set your journal account codes. 

To link an account code, find the relevant account on the left side then click in the Account Id column. This will display a full listing of your accounts from MYOB.

From here you can either find the account, or start typing the account name or code to filter the list, and once found click on it to apply it to the screen.

The tax code and job codes can also be set in the same way if required.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have multiple department setup in the system Journal codes will need to be linked per each.

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Submitting Payroll Journals

Once you have your account codes set against the departments in the system, are now ready to prepare your payroll journals through to your MYOB setup.

The first step is to run your payroll for the period that you want to import, once done, open the Export > Integration Wizard screen.

Next, select the Manual Journals option, then click Next

Use the Period selection to select the payroll that you wish to submit, then click Next

You will see a summary screen of the journal breakdown, this will show the ClockOn department and account detail, the linked MYOB accounts (detailed previously in the Linking Account Codes section) as well as the debit and credit amounts. It will also show the final balanced total on the final line.

If you have blanks in the Accounts listing you will need to return to the Linking Account Codes
screen and add the relevent accounts to the departments. 

If you are happy with the amounts click the Next button and you will be prompted with a confirmation box to send the journal through to MYOB, by clicking Ok will upload the amounts.

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