ClockOn has the option to integrate with the cloud-based version of the MYOB accounting product to allow you to transfer your payroll information to perform your business accounting needs. ClockOn’s integration allows you to send either your timesheet data or your processed payroll journal information seamlessly and accurately with minimal effort

This article contains the following;

  1. MYOB Setup
  2. Connecting to MYOB
  3. Next Steps

MYOB Setup

Before you will be able to connect to your MYOB instance, you will first need to do the following

  1. Ensure that you have a company set up within MYOB and that its database is stored on the Online system.
  2. Add a user with an internal username/password for the API use.

To set up the user for the API connection open your desktop instance of MYOB and select the "Setup" > "User Access" menu option.

Select the user that you would like to use for the integration (note depending on your setup you may not be able to use the administrator for this purpose).

You will need to ensure that the following option is deselected, set a password for the user, and set the relevant roles that you would like them to be able to perform within the system.


If you do not currently have a user other than the administrator in the system, use the "New User" button and follow the prompts to add one to the system.


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Connecting to MYOB

To connect your ClockOn system to MYOB, please follow the steps below

  1. Click on the Setup menu, then select the Additional Settings option, then select the Integrations tile, then select MYOB AccountRight Live and then click Connect.

  2. You will then be redirected to log in to your MYOB instance and accept their terms for allowing your ClockOn instance access to your profile.

  3. Once this is completed you will have a listing of Company Files available on the screen and you will need to use the Internal username/password combination that you previously setup within your MYOB User Access screen.

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Next Steps

Once you have connected to your MYOB instance, you are now ready to start preparing data to be uploaded. For more information on the integration options available, please see the following articles

  1. MYOB Integration - Journals
  2. MYOB Integration - Time sheet Costings 

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