Employees who are using the ClockOn GO mobile app have the option to submit leave requests to the  

This article contains the following items;

  1. How Employees Can Request Leave
  2. Actioning Leave Requests

How Employees Can Request Leave

Employee leave requests can be submitted to the ClockOn system through the use of the ClockOn GO mobile app. Below is an example of how an employee can submit an annual leave request to the ClockOn system for review.

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Actioning Leave Requests

Once a request has been received it will need to be reviewed and actioned. To do this first open the "Leave Requests" option from the Payroll menu item.

You will then see a listing of the current pending requests


Click on the record and you will be presented with a screen that details the employee, leave type, the requested dates and times, as well as the employee's current leave balance requested balance, and balance after this leave is deducted. 

PLEASE NOTE: The balance listed here is the balances as of this date, not the balance that the employee is expected to have when he due to take the leave.

Use the Accept or Decline options to action the request

If approved, the system will then use the employee's Working Week to determine what timesheet days and hours to auto-generate for the employee.

If a request has been declined then it will show in the status column below.

Once actioned, you can review the details for the requests after they have been actioned by single clicking on the request.


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