The following article contains the setup instructions for adding employees that are considered as directors and/or close family members into the ClockOn system. 

This article contains the following items;

  1. Adding Directors and Close Held Payees.
  2. Making Directors fee Payments.

Adding Directors and Close Held Payees.

When adding a director or close family member into the system, you would add them as you would a standard employee, however, with the following variation.

Open the Employee Details screen.

Select the Pay tab, and ensure that the Gross Pay Type field is set to Closely Help Payees.

This will allow the ATO to identify the employee as a director or family member of the business at the time of the STP submission.

For more information on how to treat closely held (related) payees please refer to the ATO's documentation via the following link

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Making Directors fee Payments.

If you need to make a payment to a director of the business you can do this by adding a Directors Fees allowance into the system against the employee.

Edit the employee's allowance screen 

Add the following allowance for the Directors Fees

Also important is to ensure that the Include in Super Earnings Base is checked under the Options button. 

Once this has been done, the Directors Fees allowance will be available Payroll, Payslip screen. 

Set the amount that you wish to include in the payroll into the Amount Column.

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