This article details how you can run an additional payroll for a selected period. This can be used for correcting YTD amounts or paying additional amounts to employees. 

Creating an additional payroll

First, we need to create a payroll period for the timeframe that you wish to do the adjustment, to do this open the payroll screen.

From there use the Create button with the Additional Payroll option.

Once the payroll has been created, you will need to set the Payment Date to the period in which the employees were supposed to receive the amounts.

PLEASE NOTE: The Payment Date is used to determine the financial year that the payroll will reside, as such if you are doing a correction for a previous year then this will need to be adjusted. 


The next step is to indicate to the system which employees you wish to include in this period, to do this simply check the Included column. 

The strikeout will then be removed, and the amounts will calculate for the employee.

From there the payroll can be processed as normal. 

If you are running the payroll to adjust payment amounts you will need to use allowances to achieve this. for more information regarding allowances please see the Payroll Adjustments (Allowances & Deductions) guide.

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