For customers that manage several different businesses with separate ABNs, this can be done within the same ClockOn account, this article details how you can add and manage your separate business entities.

This article contains the following items;

  1. Adding a new organisation
  2. Accessing an existing organisation

Adding a new organisation

To add a new organisation to your account, click on your company name as listed on the top of the screen, then select Manage.

You will then see a listing of organisations that you have listed against your account, to add a new one use the Add Organisation button 

Next you will be presented with a screen to enter the details for the new company.

Breaking this down, the screen has the following sections

  1. ABN details
  2. Address details
  3. Default payroll details

ABN details

Entering the company's ABN will prefill the Company name.

The Branch Number is used to allow customers to report to the ATO with the same ABNs but to seperate the amounts to specific sites. This is used for business and ATO reporting purposes.

The default for this is 001, before changing this please contact the ATO for advice as a registration with then is needed before you will be able to successfully submit through the STP process.

Address Details

Next, you will need to indicate the basic address details for the site.

Default Payroll Details

Finally, you will need to specify the settings for the first payroll period cycle that you wish to process through the system as well as the frequency that this will be done (Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly).

Once the information has been added click the Save button to accept the changes.

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Accessing an existing organisation

To access another company that you have set up on your account, simply click on the current company name at the top of the screen and either select the new name from the dropdown (the first 5 will show on this listing) or click the Manage button to get the full listing.


Once on the Manage screen, click on the company that you wish to switch to and you will be returned to the main screen for the selected account

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