On login to ClockOn, a "Two-factor" (2FA) email will be sent to your email address, this should arrive in your inbox within 5 minutes of logging into ClockOn Online. This guide will walk through troubleshooting tips for ClockOn emails not being received. 

Important Note: Please be advised that Two-Factor authetication is a requirement from the ATO to access any form of payroll and personal information on the internet and cannot be disabled. 

This article contains the following items

  1. Email found in Junk/Spam folder
  2. Two-Factor email blocked
    1. Microsoft Office
    2. Outlook Online (Hotmail, Windows Live)
    3. Gmail
  3. Slow Emails

Email found in Junk/Spam folder

Due to two-factor emails being generic in content, we have found that there have been instances where they have been initially suspected as spam or junk and have been automatically organized as such within email clients.

You can find the Junk/Spam folder under a dedicated section of your email as shown below. If you do find our emails being sent to your Junk folder you can move the email to your inbox.

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Two-Factor email blocked

Due to the frequency of the two-factor emails that you will receive, the ClockOn 2FA emails may be caught in a spam filter and be automatically blocked.

To check and rectify this you will need to ensure that the "do_not_reply@clockon.com.au" email address has not been blocked through your email application/provider.

Microsoft Office

For details on how to check and correct your safe sender's list within Microsoft Office versions please see the following link https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/add-recipients-of-my-email-messages-to-the-safe-senders-list-be1baea0-beab-4a30-b968-9004332336ce#ID0EBBF=Newer_versions

Outlook Online (Hotmail, Windows Live)

The steps provided below for Outlook Online are provided as an example of how to check and adjust this setting.

  1. Open your mailbox.
  2. Click on "Cog" (Settings) at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Search for "Blocked"
  4. Select "Blocked senders and Domains"
  5. If you find our "do_not_reply@clockon.com.au" in the "Blocked senders and domains" category remove our email address and we would suggest also adding our email address to the "Safe senders and domains" list.


For Gmail use the following steps

  1. Use the "Cog" icon and select the See all settings option
  2. Select the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tab

  3. If the address do_not_reply@clockon.com.au is listed within the lower section, tick it and use the Unblock selected addresses option.

  4. To add the address as a safe sender item, use the Create a new filter option, enter the address in the From section, and select Never send to Spam as shown below.

Once the "do_not_reply@clockon.com.au" email has been removed from the "Blocked senders and domains" attempt to log in to ClockOn Online.

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Slow Emails

We have seen in the past that some providers as well as certain internet connection types can have slow responsiveness when it comes to the frequency with which they check their host server for new emails.

If this is your situation, then our recommendations are as follows

  1. Try to log in to the email client via their Web interface to get the emails
  2. Contact your mail provider to ask them if there is an outage or a way to speed up the email process.

If this proves to be a regular problem, ClockOn also has the option to use the Google Authenticator as an alternative to 2FA emails. To enable this click the profile icon on the main bar.

Then select the Authenticator option and click Enable

You will then be presented with a secret code that you can enter into your Google Authenticator app on your mobile device.

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Please note these tips & fixes are for the most common issues that are encountered when emails are not being received, if you're still encountering issues with ClockOn Emails not being sent please contact support at support@clockon.com.au