Xero is a cloud-based accounting product that allows you to perform your business accounting needs. ClockOn’s integration with Xero allows you to send all your time sheet data seamlessly and accurately with minimal effort. The process requires that you have a Xero account to connect with.

This article contains the following;

  1. API Overview
  2. Connecting to Xero
  3. Next Steps

API Overview

ClockOn requires a connection link between the organisations to link to and share data with. This process requires the user to log in via the Xero website and then Xero and ClockOn will share a token that will then be used to authenticate for future communications.


Once completed the user can then run the Integration Wizard to export their time sheets to Xero. The user can map their ClockOn employee time sheet data with Xero and then submit it in a secure and fast manner.

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Connecting to Xero

To connect your ClockOn system to Xero, please follow the steps below

  1. Click on the Setup menu, then select the Additional Settings option, then select the Integrations tile.

  2. From the integrations list, locate the item labeled Xero Payroll and click the Connect button.

  3. ClockOn will then redirect you to the Xero website and request that you authenticate your personal account.

  4. Once you have logged in you will be prompted with a screen to confirm that you wish to allow your ClockOn instance to integrate with your Xero account. Select the Allow Access option to continue.

  5. Once completed you will be redirected back to the ClockOn system and your Integrations screen. The system will now show the Xero Payroll item as connected, and allow you to Disconnect to close the connection if necessary.

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Next Steps

Once the connection has been established you will be able to start the process of preparing your time sheet mappings to be able to send the information through to Xero. For the details on how you can do this please see our Xero Integration - Exporting time sheets to Xero article.

We also have the following FAQ guide to provide additional assistance.

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