This article details the steps that you will need to take within ClockOn if you would like to have a Tax Agent submit your STP records on your behalf.

This article contains the following items

  1. ClockOn Setup
  2. ATO Authorisation Required Using the Business Portal (Pre 2021)

ClockOn Setup

In order to submit through ClockOn you will first need to enter your tax agent details into the system, this is done under the Additional Settings > STP Details screen.

From this screen, you will need to check the Intermediary Enabled option to allow you to enter the settings, select whether the processing agent is a Tax Agent or Registered Agent, and enter the Agent's ID and ABN details as well as their contact information.

Please be aware that all of the fields in this section are mandatory for successful STP submissions where the Intermediary option is enabled.

Once these details have been entered into the system, you will need to contact our team at and provide the above "Tax Agent ABN" and "Agent Id" as we have an internal authorisation process that will need to be completed.

Without this set being completed the STP submissions will not be successful when processed to by the ATO.

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ATO Authorisation Required Using the Business Portal (Pre 2021)

For the authorization process, you as the business owner will first need to authorize your tax agent to be able to submit on your behalf. Please see the below for the process on how to do this.

If you don't have an ATO Business portal please fill out the Cross entity authorisation nomination form NAT 73957 and fax the completed form to the ATO as per the instruction on the form

  1. In a web browser navigate to

  2. Change the Login as drop-down menu from Individual to Business and click on Login

  3. On the Business Portal Page click on Login linkat the bottom of the page

  4. On the Authentication Services Page, for the ATO Business Portal Select the User and business that will be granting the Authorisation, then the Password for this account, and click on the Continue button
    NOTE: if login fails here, please contact the ATO.

  5. From within the Business Portal select the menu item, Access Manager

  6. You will be prompted to log into the Access Manager for security reasons. Click the Login button

  7. On the Authentication Services Page, for the ATO Access Manager Select the User and business that will be granting the Authorisation and reenter the Password for this account then click on the Continue button.

  8. From the Access Manager Links click on the Who has access to my business link

  9. Under Who has access to my business click on the Appoint new business

  10. On the Appoint new business page, you need to enter the Tax agent's ABN.

  11. Once the ABN is entered the ABN will be validated and the Client Name will read as the Tax agent's registered company name.

  12.  Check this and once you are happy with this detail, click on Continue to proceed.

  13. You will be taken to the Appoint new business - assign permissions page.
    NOTE: Double-check that the business details show with the correct ABN and Client Name.

  14. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under ATO Transactions for the "Payroll event form" tick to allow View and Lodge

  15. Once these are ticked scroll down a bit more and click on Save

Once the authorization has been granted, your tax agent should be able to successfully submit your records on your behalf.

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