The ClockOn Kiosk allows customers to implement an onsite time and attendance solution for use by employees. It operates as a Google Android or Apple IOS app that can be deployed to a tablet device.

This article contains the following items;

  1. Installing the ClockOn Kiosk App
  2. Setting up the Kiosk
  3. Inviting employees
  4. Clocking times through the Kiosk

Please be aware that this app will only be available on devices with a tablet screen size and as such, cannot be installed on mobile phones.

Installing the ClockOn Kiosk App

The first step is to download the app onto your device and install it on your tablet device by doing the following

  1. Open your Apple App Store or Google Play app store on your device.

  2. Search for “ClockOn Kiosk"
  3. Install the App.

Setting up the Kiosk

To set up the Kiosk first search and install the "ClockOn Kiosk" app from either your Google Play or Apple IOS store.
If you already have a ClockOn account setup select the Existing Account option and log in using your ClockOn credentials.

Depending on your account you may not have the Kiosk functionality enabled. 
If you would like this included in your subscription you can enable this feature through the Subscriptions Manager screen.

If you have yet to sign up for the ClockOn service select New Account and you will be redirected to create an account for the ClockOn system, for more information on this please see the Creating Your ClockOn Account article.

Next, use your existing login details to sign in to your ClockOn account.

Once logged in, you need to select the organisation under your account that the Kiosk instance will be linked to.

You can then select which location under that organisation the Kiosk will reside.

Next, an options screen will be presented in which you can select whether you would like the Kiosk to use the device's camera to take photos of the employees when they clock their times. 

The options available on this screen can also be found in the Location Details screen and toggled later if needed at a later stage.

Once completed you will be presented with the main screen on which the employees can enter their 4-digit pins to clock their times.


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Inviting employees

Before the employees can clock their times through the Kiosk, they will need to be issued a 4-digit PIN from the administrator. To do this open the Employee Details screen and select the Special Options tab. 

Under the Attendance Options section click the Allow Access button.

If you do not see the Allow Access button, then it is likely that you do not have the ClockOn Kiosk added to your account. To enable this feature please add it through your Subscription Manager screen

This will then send the employee an email with their generated PIN detail to use with the Kiosk.

Once sent, the generated PIN will be added to the screen and the Allow Access button will change to Remove Access if for some reason you would like to revoke access if needed.

As an administrator, you can view the generated PIN by clicking on the eye icon.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that the process of marking an employee as terminated for their finalisation with the business will also remove their access from the Kiosk. 

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Clocking times through the Kiosk

Staff clocking times through the Kiosk simply need to enter their pre-determined PIN from the above email invite system and then select either the option for clocking the shift times or the shift break times, please see below;

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