The following article details how administrators can initiate the process for users to set up the ClockOn GO mobile application on their Android or IOS devices.

This article contains the following items; (use the TOC button to regenerate this once the headings have been set)

  1. Sending the Invitation to Staff
  2. Logging into the ClockOn GO App

Sending the Invitation to Staff

In order for the staff to be able to log in to the ClockOn GO mobile application, the owner of the account must first invite them to create a user account. This is done from the Employee Details screen on the Personal tab and can be found by following the steps below.

Once the above process is done the employee will receive an email with a link that they will need to create their account.

Once they click the link, they will be directed to a webpage in which they can set the details for their employee account. At this point they will be asked to confirm/add their phone number, set an account password and accept the ClockOn master services agreement.

Once this has been successfully completed you will see the following and can use the store buttons to download the ClockOn GO app for your device.

Once the employee has successfully completed this process you will receive an email advising that the employee has successfully setup their ClockOn account and will now have access to the employee features.

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Logging into the ClockOn GO App

IMPORTANT: The employees will not be able to login to the ClockOn GO app unless they first have an account associated with your ClockOn instance. If you haven't already done so please use the steps above to send the invite to the employee so they can create their account.

Once you have completed the process for creating the account the next step is to log in to the app itself, to do this download the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store depending on your device.


Once the GO app has been downloaded and installed you will have the following option presented to you on your first login. Select the "Log in with ClockOn Online" to proceed.

This will then show you a login screen where you can enter your username and password,

You will likely receive some additional prompts such as two-factor authentication checks once these have been completed you will be able to access the ClockOn GO app.

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