29 October 2022

  • Super Funds
    • Overall improvements to entering super fund details
    • Ability to define a super fund default for the organisation
  • Employees
    • Improvements to the pages when adding new employees, the system will also auto select default super funds if defined as well
    • Redefined the gender types based on the options suggested by the Australian Government Agency.
  • Payroll
    • Minor fix to rollbacks where under certain conditions employee allowances were not clean up when rolling back the very first payroll.

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3 September 2022

  • General Improvements
    • The main menu now shows up to 5 organisations for users to select and swap between. Users with more than 5 can still view and select from the management page
    • Improvements to the subscription management page to help assist with selecting the right licenses and add-ons
    • Updated the look of the organisation management page
  • Organisations
    • Added an organisation editor page to update account information used for billing
  • Super Funds
    • Removed super location linking to make setup easier
    • Fixed an issue with the Superannuation Fund Summary report where the allowance descriptions were not displaying correctly

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11 July 2022

  • STP
    • Fixed issues with the total gross including the unused leave at termination payments.
    • Updated the STP Employee Summary report to now show the unused leave at termination amounts.
  • Allowances
    • Fixed issues with incorrect super funds attached under certain conditions. 
  • Organisations
    • Improvements to the validation on branch numbers.

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1 July 2022

  • Reports
    • Added the following new reports
      • Superannuation Fund Summary (Payment Type Additional)
      • Payroll Allowances / Deductions (with the addition of the STP types)
      • Payroll Summary (period detail, YTD adjustments)
  • Allowances
    • Added the following new allowance types for STP processing
      • Overtime
      • Leave - Cash Out
      • Leave - Other Paid
      • Leave - Paid Parental 

      • Workers' Compensation

    • Fixed issues with processing payrolls with long allowance names

  • Licensing
    • Added a new add-on - Phone Support
    • Fixed issues with longer account numbers
    • The license manager is now available via the main menu

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10 June 2022

  • Security
    • Overall improvements to the security systems and updates to meet the ATO security requirements.
      Some of these items include
      - Added a session timeout of 30 min of screen inactivity
      - 2FA re-authorization on a daily basis. 

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21 May 2022

  • ClockOn Kiosk
    • We have now introduced the ClockOn Kiosk mobile app. It is available to try for 30 days when selected under the license manager.
  • EOFY 2022/2023
    • The latest tax tables from the ATO for 2022/2023 are now available.
  • Geofencing
    • Users are now able to define a geofence for their ClockOn GO workforce, when defined, restricts employees to clocking shifts inside the geofence. When defined against a location will be added to each time sheet created at that location.
    • Added an option under the system settings to encourage employees to clock on/off in the geofence but it is not enforced.
  • STP 
    • Fixed an error with the STP replacement option.
    • Improved the employee selection system when running the STP update.
    • Fix to the STP employee report where the ETP amounts were always displayed.
  • Time sheets
    • Users can now view actual times for breaks when the employee is using the ClockOn GO mobile app.
    • Fixed an issue with deleting breaks when a time sheet is deleted.
  • Organisation Manager
    • Added the ability to change the default organisation.
    • The organisation manager will now show the account status of an organisation.
  • Miscellaneous 
    • Users can now opt in to trial the ClockOn GO and ClockOn Kiosk system for 30 days through the license manager.
    • Added validation when processing payroll to ensure at least 1 employee is still attached.
    • Improved bugs around adding multiple organisations to their account.
    • Fixed an issue where the message centre was not always showing the correct list of employees to send messages to.
    • Minor fixes to the employee validation system when adding/editing employees.

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29 April 2022

  • STP
    • ClockOn has now been updated for STP phase 2 submissions. This will allow users to submit more data more accurately that cover a wide range of details from leave taken to overtime and other new requirements from the ATO.
    • Allowances specifically allocated to gross breakdowns for STP will now include after-tax allowances.

      For more information regarding the changes required for STP Phase 2 please see the following guide
      Single Touch Payroll - Phase 2 Changes
  • Superannuation
    • The software will automatically set the superannuation SGC amounts and thresholds based on the financial years. It will automatically transition your SGC from 10% to 10.5% July 1st.
  • License Manager
    • Updated and redesigned the license manager. This will allow users to easily upgrade to Standard editions of the software as well as increase employee licenses.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Minor UI fixes for the employee's hourly rate, where under certain conditions would not display the correct rate.

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09 April 2022

  • Payroll
    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions invalid timesheets would stop the payroll from continuing until they were corrected.

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22 March 2022

  • Employees
    • Fixed issues with altering employee departments.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Minor updates to the emails sent to users when updating employee licensing.
  • Reporting 
    • Added labels to show the period selections used to generate the reports.
    • Various improvements to the report selection options.

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4 March 2022

  • Payroll
    • Fixed an issue where the payment date was not progressing to the next payment date after processing the payroll.
    • Fixed issues where users could select a pay period that had no employees associated with it.
    • Fixed the 'No Entitlements' payroll option, it was still calculating leave during additional payrolls.
    • Fixed issue with processed time sheets appearing on the list during an additional payroll.
  • Pay Periods
    • Fixed issue where the user could delete the default pay period.
  • Organisations
    • Fixed a display issue with the organisation listings where the default could appear more than once.
  • Time sheets
    • Fixed shift selection where the 'None' shift was not always available.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed validation issues around the post codes.
  • Reporting 
    • Fixed various alignment issues on payroll reports.
    • Fixed a grouping issue on the payroll summary reports causing employees to appear more than once for the same range after running additional payrolls.

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19 February 2022

  • License management system
    • ClockOn has introduced a license management system for organizations to control how many employee licenses they are being billed for. to access this feature please refer to the Licenses and Billing article.
  • Time sheet Importing
    • ClockOn now has the ability to import time sheets via a CSV file, this allows users to import employee worked times or to import a roster. For more information please see the Timesheet Import Specification article.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed an issue where users could delete rule sets that are linked to employees.
    • Fixed various labels displaying incorrectly.

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21 January 2022

  • ClockOn GO - Free for everyone until 31 March 2022
    • Employees can now be invited to register with the ClockOn Online system so that they can now have access to features accessible through the ClockOn GO mobile application, available on both Android and iOS. 
    • Administrators can now send and receive messages from ClockOn Online to their employees using the ClockOn GO application.
The ClockOn GO Invitation system will be available for use once the ClockOn GO app changes have been been verified by the the IOS App store and Google Play store, we expect this to occur between the 22/01/2022 - 28/01/2022
  • Payroll
    • Fixed issues relating to rollbacks and calculations of allowances under certain conditions.
  • Payslip Email
    • Updated the page to now show employees that were on the payroll but do not have a payslip as they were not paid any amounts.
  • STP Wizard
    • Fixed an issue where certain after-tax allowances were not allowing the STP submission to submit.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed various routing-related conditions relating to accounts with multiple organizations.

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