You may have need to reverse a payroll that you have processed in the system, due to an employee was processed with the wrong timesheets or allowances. This guide will step you through the process for reversing the payroll process so it can be re-run.

Please be advised that rolling a payroll back within ClockOn will NOT reverse a submission that has been posted to the ATO.

This article contains the following items;

  1. Rolling Back (Reversing) a Processed Payroll 
  2. Common Questions Regarding Rollback

Rolling Back (Reversing) a Processed Payroll 

To reverse a payroll in the system first select the Payroll menu item, then click the Rollback Payroll option

You will then see a screen that shows the payroll periods available for the rollback process as well as all the employees that will be included in the rollback

From here you can change the period if needed as well as individually select the employees that you wish to reverse the payroll for

Once you have the period and employees selected, use the Rollback  button to complete the process

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Common Questions Regarding Rollback

  1. I cannot see the payroll that I want to reverse in the list
    Employees will only exist in one instance within the payroll rollback screen, and only in their most recent payroll period and as such, you cannot reverse a payroll prior to their most recently processed period.

    In order to remove the older period the payrolls would need to be reversed in order back to the required point. As this information has likely already been posted to STP it is usually better to do an adjustment within the current payroll rather than a rollback.

  2. My employees are missing from the rollback screen
    If the employees are not showing on the list it is likely that they have already been included in a payroll draft. Before they can be reversed the draft will need to be removed.

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