The following guide details some common payroll questions that our team receives.

  1. Can I Run My Payrolls Early?
  2. How Can I Do A Backpay?
  3. How can I process Bonus Payment amounts?
  4. Why Are My Employees Are Not Showing In My Payroll?
  5. I Have Already Run Payroll How Can I Fix My Payroll Amounts?
  6. Can the system pay at Public Holiday rates?

Can I Run My Payrolls Early?

Yes, you can run the payrolls as needed, as there are no time restrictions on when you can generate and process a payroll in ClockOn but you may want to consider the following items if doing so. 

  1. A point that must be addressed is the Payment Date for the period. This is used to indicate items such as which month/financial year the payroll will reside and is also used for your ClockOn reporting date range as well as within the STP submission detail.  
  2. If you are using timesheets to pay your staff, they will need to be completed before the payroll process. If you are recording clock times, and you still want to ensure that this is accurate over the remainder of the period, then you will notice that there will be additional entries in the system post-payroll.

    If these amounts affect the pay, then you can make the appropriate backpay or reduction in the following pay run.

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How Can I Do A Backpay?

To do a backpay you will need to ensure that the employees have a before-tax allowance attached to either the "Allowance Set", or "Employee Allowances". For details on how to link employees to allowance sets and add allowances to employees, as well as how to pay the amounts at payroll, please see the Payroll Adjustments (Allowances & Deductions) guide.

Typically the allowance will have the following settings.

We also recommend that you check the Options button on this screen, as this will allow you to indicate whether the payment is to be included in payroll tax as well as if it is to be included in the super earnings base

On your next pay run the employee will now have an additional option where the backpay amount can be included.

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How can I process Bonus Payment amounts?

The process for paying a bonus amount to an employee is very similar to that of a backpay. Use the steps above with the adjustment to use the PAYG Location Allowance and set the STP Type to Bonus and Commissions.

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Why Are My Employees Are Not Showing In My Payroll?

There may be a few reasons why an employee is not showing in a particular pay run and usually, they are as follows;

  1. Employee start date not yet met
    This option is listed on the Employee Details > Dates tab, and if the start date is after the current payroll period start date the employee will not be included in the pay run

  2. Set to a different payroll period
    ClockOn allows for multiple payroll periods. To ensure that the employees are assigned to the correct payment cycle, please refer to the Employee Details > Pay tab for the Pay Period option.

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I Have Already Run Payroll How Can I Fix My Payroll Amounts?

If you have made a mistake on your payroll, there are three ways that this can be addressed;

  1. Using the Payroll Rollback feature
  2. Using the Additional Payroll feature
  3. Making the corrections in the following payroll

The first option is to use the Payroll Rollback feature, this allows you to reverse the most recent payroll for employees so that period can be re-processed in the system. For more information on this process please see our Payroll Rollback.

* If you intend on using using the payroll rollback feature, the payrolls will need to be reversed in sequence from the most recently processed backwards. There is no way to pull a payroll out prior to the most recently generated one. 

* Reversing a payroll in ClockOn does not remove the STP submission. If you have already submitted STP then the amount will still exist on your business portal.

If you would like this to remain accurate then the correction to the amounts would need to be done in the next payrun.

The second option is to do an Additional Payroll, this allows you to create another pay run that is outside of your standard payroll cycle and can be used to make corrections or do additional payments to employees. For more information please see our Payroll Period Corrections (Additional Payrolls) guide.

The third option is to simply wait for the next payroll to come around and make the adjustments in that period. 

Payroll adjustments can be made by adding additional timesheets (where the employee is not on a salary) or by using allowances for more information on allowances please see the Payroll Period Corrections (Additional Payrolls) guide.

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Can the system pay at Public Holiday rates?

Yes, all Australian national and state-based public holidays are included within the system as standard, and the ClockOn rulesets can be configured to pay at a higher rate for timesheets that fall within these dates.

Please note that if you have any regional or local holidays they can be added into the system through the Setup > Additional Settings menu item, and then selecting the Public Holidays option. 

For further details on how you can check and configure these settings, please see our Public Holidays article.

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