The Rule Set engine is the primary power of the ClockOn system. It allows you to automate the portion of the payroll process where you would normally need to convert your employee worked hours into items such as Normal Overtime and Penalty hours, this also allows for a quick way to determine the following for the group of employees that it has been assigned to;

  1. Setup automated timesheet rounding 
  2. Indicates how the system should treat timesheet scenarios such as overtime, penalty, and loadings.
  3. Leave accrual rates
  4. Super percentages and thresholding

For information on how to set up these elements of the 

  1. Adding Rule Sets
  2. Linking Rule Sets to Employees
  3. Rule Set Options

Adding Rule Sets

To open the Rule Set screen, use the Setup > Award Manager option.

Then select the Options button for the relevant Award item and select Rule Sets


This will list the rule sets that are already listed within your system  

To add a new item to this list, click the "Add Rule set" button.

This will create a blank rule set with its default settings, this will then need to be worked through to set it up based on the business requirement. For more information on the options available for the ruleset settings, please refer to the Rule Set Options section within this guide.

We also include the ability to duplicate existing rule sets. This reduces the need to manually re-enter settings for instances where there are only minor differences between rule sets. To do this identify the rule set that you wish to make a copy of and click the corresponding Options button. This will produce a drop-down list, select the Duplicate option.

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Linking Rule Sets to Employees

It is a requirement for each employee in ClockOn to be linked to a rule set at the point of them being added to the system and you will be prompted with this

You can also change the linked ruleset directly from the Employee's profile screen from the Pay tab

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Rule Set Options

As there are a lot of available options within the rule set screen, they have been split into particular categories, please see the articles below for more information.

  1. Rule Set - General Settings
    Focuses on the basic settings, the conversion rules for timesheets to costing records (timesheet rounding) as well as rules that govern the clocking of breaks in the system.
  2. Rule Set - Overtime Configuration
    Allows for the entry of rules for when the system will automate the conversion of timesheet costings to the specified overtime loaded rates.
  3. Rule Set - Penalties and Loadings
    Allows for the entry of rules for when the system will automate the conversion of timesheet costings to the specified penalty or loaded rates.
  4. Rule Set - Leave Configuration 
    Allows for the entry of rules that govern the rate of accrual as well as the payment options for the leave.
  5. Rule Sets - Super Configuration
    Allows for options for setting the super options in the system, this includes items such as the percentage of SGC the employees will receive as well as when the system should refrain from calculating super due to threshold rules.

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