For customers using timesheets to process their payroll information, the system is capable of using a preset calendar and ruleset payment rates to pay staff an additional amount for when they work on public holidays.

This article contains the following items

  1. Checking your Public Holiday Calendar
  2. Configuring the Rule Set for Public Holidays
  3. Leave vs paid timesheets

Checking your Public Holiday Calendar

ClockOn provides a prefilled listing of both the nationally recognized and state-based public holidays by default, however, we recommend confirming your settings as some areas have additional local holidays that will need to be added into the system manually.

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Configuring the Rule Set for Public Holidays

To trigger a timesheet costing to a public holiday rate you will first need to set up overtime and/or penalty conditions within the Rule sets. 


For Overtime to trigger you will first need rules established within the Rule Set - Overtime Configuration Rule set sections and a corresponding Overtime Rate Sheet with the PH option enabled.


For penalties to trigger you will need to open the Rule Set - Penalties and Loadings screen and check that an entry with the rate and PH option is selected. 

For further information on how to access these settings please refer to our Rule Sets Overview guide

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Leave vs paid timesheets

With the previous items in place, you can then choose whether or not to pay the staff member at the higher rate or alternatively at the 100% rate by using the timesheet and leave types

For the following, we have a Public Holiday set for 01/08/2021 as well as a penalty condition to pay this at 250%

If a timesheet is added with a Timesheet Type set to Timesheet

The rule set item will trigger and the employee will get the higher rate.

If the timesheet type is set to Leave (a leave category will also be required)

The additional rate will be ignored and the time paid at the 100% rate 

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