ClockOn allows for the calculation and recording of super values processed through payroll and then providing reporting and external files for submitting this information to a super clearinghouse of your choice.

This article contains the following items;

  1. Adding/Editing a Super Fund
  2. Linking a Fund To an Employee

Adding/Editing a Super Fund

To add a superfund into the system, use the Setup > Additional Settings menu item, and click the Super Funds option.

This will open a screen with the super funds that are already in place within the system.


Click the Add Super Fund button to create add your new fund into the system

This will open the Super Fund edit screen in which you can enter the fund's details as per their requirements.

For standard funds, you will typically require the following details

  1. The Super fund's name
  2. The Funds ABN
  3. The Funds USI number

The requirements for self-managed super funds differ from this in the following ways

  1. You will need to tick the SMSF option to indicate the self-managed aspect of the fund
  2. You will need to supply a "Service Address" (also known as the "Electronic Service Address" or ESA)
  3. They typically do not have the USI requirement
  4.  You may need to also include address and EFT details for the fund as needed.

Please note that each clearing hours is different and therefore may require additional information, these default fields are listed as a guide only.

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Linking a Fund To an Employee

Linking a fund to an employee is done through the Employee Details screen via the Pay Tab.

From here select the fund that you wish to assign from the list and enter the employee's member number for the fund.

PLEASE NOTE: Super is recorded at the time of payroll, as such changing the employee's fund in the profile after it has been processed will not alter the location of super within the ClockOn reporting.

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