This article details the steps for processing your Single Touch Payroll (STP) records through to the ATO with the ClockOn software

This article contains the following items;

  1. Opening the STP Wizard
  2. Payroll Submission
  3. Payroll Replacement
  4. Employee Update
  5. View Submission History

Opening the STP Wizard

To open the STP wizard either select the Export > Single Touch Payroll option from the menu bar, or select the Single Touch Payroll option from the main screen.

This will open the following screen with the following

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Payroll Submission

Once your payroll has been finalized, the next step is to report your amounts through to the ATO, this is done using the Payroll Submission option within this screen.

To use this simply use the dropdown on the screen to select the relevant payroll that you wish to report and then click the Next button to continue.

Prior to the submission, you will be asked to declare that your details are accurate, if you are happy to proceed, click the Submit button

Once the submission has been completed you will receive an STP Submission Result screen, that will allow you to produce the STP employee details reporting for the submission.

Generating this report will show you the values that were submitted to the ATO within this submission.

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Payroll Replacement

A payroll replacement is used if a payroll submission is showing an error in the Submission History screen. 

Prior to running the payroll replacement, you will need to identify the issues with the payroll submission, correct them and then run the payroll replacement. If the issue is unknown and cannot be resolved then please contact ClockOn support.

Please note that the Payroll Replacement is NOT used for fixing up errors in the payroll, like backpay or an incorrectly paying someone. For this, it is recommended that you make these changes in ClockOn and then in the next pay period when you run the payroll submission those changes will be updated

If you have an issue with payroll and it is listed within the below dropdown, you can re-submit it to the ATO after the cause has been resolved. common causes may be that the TFN was invalid or the address detail was incomplete for an employee

From there the process is identical to that of a standard submission.

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Employee Update

This option is used to transfer the latest employee YTD values to the ATO and can be used where changes are made outside of payroll. This option allows users to update the employee data outside of payroll in preparation for EOFY. 

PLEASE NOTE: You should only select the FINAL PAYROLL INDICATOR option if you are ready to end the reporting year for the employees. This will mark their MyGov accounts as tax ready.

Click Next to continue.

You will then be displayed with a listing of employees that have payments within the financial year, from here you can select whether or not you wish to include them in the STP update process

The next screen shows the Same Submission screen as per the standard Payroll Submission process. Simply click the Submit button to send our report to the ATO.

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View Submission History

You can also review your previous STP submission history by clicking on the View History option in the upper right of the screen.

This will show the following screen with any STP payrolls that are still in the process to be reported to the ATO

You can use the options on the left side of this screen to either view the jobs that "In Progress", "Completed", or "All".
In the example below I have swapped the display to all and we can see a record was submitted, the payroll Id, the ATO document reference id, the type of submission ie Submit, Replace, or Update, and its status.

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